It is not just about what we do, but what we do differently.

Trinity & Farsiou exists at the will of our clients. Our role, as we see it, is to exceed client expectations by being smart, creative, attentive and responsive, able to resolve problems quickly and successfully when they arise, or helping to prevent them in the first place. We are a boutique firm with big firm capabilities, down-to-earth professionals with outstanding credentials who excel at practicing sophisticated law and enjoy solving complex challenges and finding uncommon solutions to help our clients.

In fact, serving our clients’ best interests is our only interest. We put the same diligence and focus into every project and every interaction no matter how big or small, because to us every outcome matters. When it comes to your legal representation, trust is everything. That’s why we work so hard at building relationships; the more we know about our clients, the more successfully we can work on their behalf. Our process is collaborative and collegiate, keeping clients in on decision making and proactively informing them about new developments.

Practice Areas

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General Civil Litigation

When a legal dispute arises, you want to have a seasoned, knowledgeable expert at your side.  Trinity & Farsiou at its heart is a litigation firm.  Partner Joe Trinity is a certified trial attorney.  This designation means that Joe has demonstrated his expertise conducting trials to the satisfaction of the New Jersey Supreme Court. Hard Charging Litigation Practice.       judge Your litigation goals are our only priority. Trinity & Farsiou has a robust litigation practice.  Joe Trinity is a Certified Trial Attorney with years of successful trials in a variety of practice areas.  Steven Farsiou has years of litigation experience in federal and state courts and administrative forums.  We understand that advocating for individuals and businesses is one of the most important roles that we play in the overall system of justice.  We also know that litigation can be expensive, time consuming and taxing.  As such, we work efficiently and practically to resolve the litigation to meet our client’s individual goals.  We believe in thorough preparation for strategic advantage.  At all stages of the litigation, we evaluate our overall strategy.  Where possible, we attempt to resolve litigation early.  We are committed to advising our clients about alternatives to litigation, such as mediation before a neutral party.  At all stages, we aggressively pursue and promote our clients’ interests in any dispute. As a relationship-based firm, Trinity & Farsiou takes the time to truly know our clients, to understand their industries and all the factors involved running a successful enterprise – and the factors that can undo it.  When we prepare for trial, we put decades of courtroom experience and legal expertise to work building a bullet-proof case.  Whether we represent you as a defendant or plaintiff, as part of your existing legal team or as lead counsel, we are not only prepared for the fight, we are prepared to win.  We are the kind of lawyers you don’t want to see on the other side of the courtroom—aggressive, smart, creative, thorough and engaging of the jury. Not all cases resolve without trial, despite conciliatory efforts.  Before trial, we strategically plan our discovery with the ultimate goal in mind.  We thoroughly prepare our clients and witnesses for giving testimony so that they can feel comfortable with the process.  We assess whether legal motions are appropriate before trial and are well versed in presenting persuasive legal argument in writing and before the court.  We also know that by thorough preparation and great strategy, we obtain the best result for our clients in settlement and at trial.  We are creative thinkers and bring all of our resources to solve complex legal issues and meet our clients’ goals. Our litigation practice areas include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Property and Casualty Defense
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Products Liability
  • Construction Litigation
  • Public works litigation
  • Litigation under New Jersey’s Anti Bullying Act
  • Employment and Civil Rights Litigation
  • Public Entity Defense
  • Restrictive Covenant litigation
  • Criminal and Municipal litigation
  • Appellate Litigation
Employment Counseling and Litigation

Helping you with your most valuable assets: Your employees.   employees

Attracting, rewarding and retaining outstanding employees are the hallmark of the most successful businesses.  At Trinity & Farsiou, we have built our reputation on helping companies both large and small on the full spectrum of employment matters.  As a relationship-based firm, we work in a collaborative manner, partnering with your C-suite, managers, legal counsel and human resource professionals to provide practical advice, develop policies and incorporate solid employment best practices that will help to protect you from employee-related risks. We free you to focus on running your business and achieving your goals. Federal statistics indicate that the number of employees suing employers rose 35% from 2007 to 2011; current statistics show this trend is continuing.  We believe that good advice and advance planning can often help prevent costly employment lawsuits.  So we provide a full range of services to help employers avoid them – such as preparing employee handbooks and procedures, training, and counseling managers on tough employment decisions. Risk management and conflict avoidance.

  • Ensure compliance with national and state employment laws
  • Train your managers and supervisors
  • Minimize the risk of litigation
  • Protect confidential information, assets, trade secrets, customers and key personnel
  • Implement strategies for attracting and retaining talented employees

When conflict turns to litigation. Even with the best preventative practices, conflicts can still arise.  Trinity & Farsiou has the experience and expertise to defend against a wide range of issues, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour claims, violation of federal or state employment laws, breach of contract, public policy claims, violation of federal and state leave laws, and many other claims.  With extensive experience in litigation, and Certified Trial Attorneys, we are able to assess a claim – both from a legal and workplace standpoint – and to provide common sense advice and excellent litigation strategy and technique.  Of course, being solution-oriented, we try to resolve matters early in the dispute – if possible and desirable – or through mediation to develop an acceptable outcome for all parties.  When the circumstance requires, however, we are tenacious trial attorneys. In business for your business Whether you are a local family shop or a Fortune 500 multinational, we serve companies from all industries, as well as sole proprietors and professionals, with just the right resources to solve both simple and complex problems. We understand the industry-specific issues affecting your business, and customize our services accordingly:

  • Non-compete and confidentiality agreements
  • Strategies to protect intangible assets
  • Audits of employment practices
  • Employment contracts
  • Termination disputes
  • Employee handbooks
  • Compensation issues
  • Policies and practices relating to employee leaves
  • Accommodations
  • Manager and employee training on compliance issues, diversity, anti-harassment and discrimination
  • Leadership and ethical decision-making training
  • Performance evaluation processes
  • Reductions in force or organizational restructuring

Without employees you would not have a business.  So whether preventing litigation or resolving it, we employ a sensible and cost-effective approach to problem-solving and work as a team with you to keep your most valuable assets happy and productive.

Business Counseling and Commercial Litigation

In business for your business

Whether you are a local family shop or a Fortune 500 multinational, we serve companies from all industries, as well as sole proprietors and professionals, with just the right resources to solve both simple and complex problems. We understand the industry-specific issues affecting your business, and customize our services accordingly.

We build our success by helping build yours.

Becoming a successful business did not happen overnight. You worked hard, made sacrifices, worked harder. You are an expert at doing what you do best—setting the strategy and working to assure the profitability of your company. That is why you want legal counsel with a head for business. At Trinity & Farsiou, we are entrepreneurial and business-minded lawyers with the legal skill, financial savvy and industry knowledge required to negotiate in the dynamic corporate legal arena on your behalf. With experience in a range of industry sectors from health care to utilities, software development to non-profits, we understand the complexities of business operations and can help you achieve your goals.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide the highest level of service and to exceed client expectations always, something we do by being fully immersed in your business and industry and aligned with your objectives. We can counsel and assist you in the internal legal aspects of your business, including:

* Corporate formation

* Shareholder agreements

* Strategic planning

* Partnership agreements

* Operating Agreements, bylaws, and other company documents

* Contractor and subcontractor agreements

* Bid contests

* General Counsel services

Entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs

Trinity & Farsiou is a law firm, but we are entrepreneurs as well. We understand the mindset, the challenges and the complexities in bringing your vision to fruition, and can put our extensive legal and business experience to work smoothing your path to success. We represent corporate and individual clients with corporate formation, from advice on the form and structure of corporate entities to corporate maintenance and management, negotiating and preparing shareholder and operating agreements, governance considerations, staffing requirements, establishing employment policies and procedures, real estate matters and all manner of contract negotiations and business arrangements. If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to move on or move up, we can also provide legal counsel in the sale, merger or other succession strategy of your business.

Business and Executive Counseling

*  Executive employment and compensation agreements

*  Non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements and non-disclosure agreements


Products Liability Litigation

Claims Involving Defective Products.

At Trinity & Farsiou, our seasoned litigators are knowledgeable about the complexities that arise in prosecuting or defending against a product defect claim.  We have represented companies who find themselves embroiled in a lawsuit questioning the safety of their products.  The firm’s team oriented approach works well and includes:

  • Consulting with the manufacturer’s engineers to develop a defense
  • Retaining appropriate experts to support the case
  • Deposing experts
  • Working with the client to develop a cost-effective strategy
  • Conducting discovery aimed at uncovering the source of the product failure

We are experienced in handling a wide variety of claims including:   lawyer tables

*  Breach of warranty

*  Failure to warn of hazard

*   Industrial equipment defects

*  Consumer goods defects


Litigation under the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Act

New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Act bullying

Partner Steven Farsiou is at the forefront of the developing body of law concerning New Jersey’s Educational System and school specific harassment and intimidation policies.  These policies are designed to protect students from overly aggressive teaching or coaching tactics and often result in disputes as the standards are evolving and the rules unclear.  Because this area of the law is new, the application of the law to the facts can result in uneven and unfair results for both teachers and students.  Steve, a coach himself, has been litigating this complex area of the law since its inception.   He is both practical and knowledgeable.

Criminal Defense/Municipal Court

Criminal and Municipal Practice.                                     criminal-law

Trinity & Farsiou is your trusted advisor in your time of need.  Being charged with a criminal violation or a serious municipal offense is devastating.  We know that our clients depend upon us to guide them through this troubling time in their lives.  That’s why we are prepared to work with you with compassion, knowledge and expertise to help you arrive at the best possible resolution.  Our experience in this area is a comfort to our clients.

Joe Trinity and Steve Farsiou have experience in defending clients who find themselves faced with a serious offense.  They know the terrain and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible result for you.  They are practical as well as knowledgeable.


Consumer Protection

Contracts Involving the Public32449234_l

At Trinity & Farsiou, we represent a number of tradesmen and assist in fashioning contracts and policies that comply with the consumer protection laws.  This area of the law is very specific with little gray room; many contractors find themselves without recourse to enforce their contracts or collect payment because of failure to adhere to the standards required by the New Jersey Consumer Protection Agency.  We can help.

Also, we represent consumers who have found themselves victimized by an unfair consumer practice.  We are knowledgeable and aggressive in pursuing remedies for our clients.