Working differently makes a difference. Here’s why:

We are humble

You have many choices for legal representation; we never take clients for granted and are deeply grateful for the trust you place in us. The biggest vote of confidence you can give us is your continued business or the referral of a colleague.

We are passionate about what we do

We love providing effective legal counsel, partnering with you to reach your goals. Your success is our success. We care deeply about positive outcomes – our passion and skill do not tolerate mediocrity.

We never forget there are people behind the problems

Businesses are not faceless organizations, but are run and owned by individuals who have a personal link to the legal problem or issue. We respond to the unique perspective of the individual.

We are practical

We are business-minded and pride ourselves on asking the right questions in order to provide you with the best advice we can and make sure you have good options. We are not here to say “no” or spoil the deal, but to help get your deal done.

We really listen

We approach every project with a blank sheet; our process is 100% about your needs and intentions. We listen effectively. Before we can seek a solution, it is essential we understand the issues first. We start with the big picture, then the details, and go from there.

We are creative

There may be many right answers, but we want the best answer. We find it through persistence, patience, risk taking and ground breaking. We thrive on challenge and resist intimidation. Issues are never black and white, so neither is our thinking